Top 5 Releases of 2010: #5 The Half Rats-For the Sake of Love 7″

27 Dec

No, The Half Rats are not technically from Chicago, but I’ll follow the same rule as any high school Battle of the Bands: one member will suffice.

This 7″, on Douchemaster Records, defines garage music in the most derivative sense of the word.  After the Beatles appeared in front of America on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, every American kid picked up a cheap guitar, bass, or drum kit and started their own 4 piece band.  It sounds like the Half Rats did the same exact thing, only they may have seen the performance a few years later.  Both songs on this 7″ could easily be Meet the Beatles b-sides, although they display a sloppiness Brian Epstein would not have allowed.

The Half Rats come off as a Beatle-loving group on a Kingsmen budget.  Though they don’t try anything that hasn’t been done on this 7″, it’s fun enough that you shouldn’t care.

The Half Rats-For the Sake of Love


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