Top 5 Releases of 2010: #2 Secret Colours LP

31 Dec

Something about Secret Colours’ debut LP makes me want to watch Dig! Or should I more accurately say everything about this band’s debut makes me want to watch Dig!? I haven’t listened to the Dandy Warhols, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, or any of the other bands associated with that circle since high school, but thank god for Secret Colours for bringing me back to them.  The first song, “Redemption,” immediately reminded me of the Warlocks, “Shake the Dope Out” in particular.  Even the drug as seducer lyrical content of “Chemical Swirl” recalls the Warlocks.  The whispering vocals of lead singer Tommy Evans can easily be compared to any of the lead singers of the above bands.  And what about the token chick keyboard/tambourine player?

Though it’s hard to find anything on this great debut LP that is distinctly that of the Secret Colours, the group does demonstrate their ability to match, if not better, their influences in a few different ways.  Perhaps the strongest song on the album is an instrumental called, “Western.”  This is no knock on Evans; it’s simply a brilliant instrumental (this coming from someone who worships the 3-minute pop song and despises the instrumental).  From the familiar western influenced surf chord progression to the oh so appropriate rattle, this song dares you not to listen to all 5 minutes and 22 seconds of it.

Then there’s the bonus track.  Why “Popstar” is a bonus track and not the album opener is puzzling to me.  This is the group’s most hit-worthy song, a fact Secret Colours realize and have thankfully made a video for the song.  Secret Colours’ “Popstar” sure beats the shit out of The Black Angels’ bonus track about the Iraq War.

Secret Colours-Redemption


One Response to “Top 5 Releases of 2010: #2 Secret Colours LP”

  1. EricaJane December 31, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    Great review! Secret Colours is quite the show live too. I love the debut album can’t wait for more from this band.

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