King Sparrow LP

13 Feb

Very few times have I been completely sold on a band within the first minute of listening, but King Sparrow’s “Resonator” did just that.  The song starts with about 10 seconds of someone quietly playing around on a guitar as if to give you a chance to catch your breath before emphatically knocking that breath right out of you and keeping it for the next 3 minutes.  The opener off of King Sparrow’s self-titled LP is about as good as a pop song can be and it falls just under that beautifully crafted time structure that is the 3 minute pop song.

There are two King Sparrow’s at work on this LP.  There’s the Strokes and Libertine/Dirty Pretty Things-loving King Sparrow of “Resonator.”  Then there’s the riff-heavy King Sparrow that falls somewhat beyond my reviewing capabilities.  There are no bad songs here, though I have a softer spot for the quick moving pop tunes.  “The River” and “Leave It All Behind” both call to mind Pete Doherty by way of The Pogues.  “Moonshine” moves at a similar pace to “Resonator” but takes half the time to get where it’s going.  And is that Jon Fratelli on lead vocals?  The album’s closer, “Lie” carries on with a circus waltz and shows King Sparrow at their most reserved, finishing in the exact opposite fashion as they began, but losing none of what makes this band great.

Catch King Sparrow at Martyrs’ Local Music Showcase on Friday, February 25th with Secret Colours, Hollus, and Warm Ones.


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