Catching Up With Radar Eyes

1 Apr

It seems I became a Radar Eyes fan at the worst possible time.  I saw their Beats & Blogs set at SubT, was blown away, and immediately picked up their “Shakes” 7″ and was equally blown away.  Then they disappear into the recording abyss.  So if there’s one band I wanted to catch up with and get a glimpse into the world of SXSW, it’s Radar Eyes.  Read on to find out some of the band’s favorite porn titles, SXSW hazing rituals, and what’s next for Radar Eyes in the coming months.

1. How were you guys received in Austin?

Austin was great!  The HoZac showcase was a blast, everyone seemed to be into our set.  We played just as it was getting dark(it was an outdoor stage) so people were beginning to fill in.  The House of 88 show was really fun also the cops came at the end of our set(also outdoors) and they had to move everything inside. The show was to benefit a youth center that was going to be shut down by a greedy land developer who wanted to put in an animal euthinization factory. When the police showed up, we eventaully won them over with non-violent civil protest.

2. What were your driving/sleeping conditions?

We drove down in Shelley’s Element. There were many strip clubs and adult book stores. Some of our favorite titles were “Boner Island” and “Batch without Borders”. One thing we learned: truckers love to nut. We used the band fund to get us a Motel 6 on the outskirts of town, the pool had garbage floating in it, it was pretty sweet.

3. Do you prefer playing somewhere like SXSW where I’m assuming a large part of the crowd doesn’t know Radar Eyes, as opposed to a show in Chicago where the crowd is a little more familiar with your music?

Yeah it was cool to have people we have never met before tell us they liked our set at Cheer up Charlies(HoZac Showcase) the other showcase was all Chicago bands so basically played to friends, which was also awesome. What you have to know about Austin is that the spanish-speaking media is king. The saying goes “he who speaks spanish rules SXSW”. All the best bars, clubs, shows, etc. are all tied into the spanish media.  Kanye West played an acoustic set at 2:00am on a bridge that was only broadcast on Le Ley 95.5. Lucas speaks Polish, but that will only get you into like 20% of the VIP rooms.

4. There were quite a few great Chicago bands at SXSW this year.  Was it strange to play with those bands outside of Chicago?

Nah, it kinda took some of the edge off and helped me to feel a little more at ease.  Its was nice seeing friends out there because everyone was in really relaxed mood. There is a comeratery between Chicago bands. SXSW is known for having a strong Greek presence and the fraternity hazing element was pretty bad this year, especially becuase we were new to the scene. Chicago bands saved our ass on many occasions. When we first arrived some local bands tried to cram us into a Porto-Potty, but Outer Minds came just in time and hit one of the fraternity brothers with their van. They scattered and word spread not to fuck with Chicago. Rabble Rabble also paid off a cop that was trying to shake us down, that was nice of them.

5. Radar Eyes has been absent for a few months now.  How has the time off been and what have you guys been up to?

We finished up our EP for Rococo Records and started writing and recording for our HoZac LP both of which should be out this summer.  The time off has mostly given us the opportunity to work on songs instead of just practicing for shows.

6. I read that you had a release coming out soon on Rococo.  What can we expect from it?

You can expect all Killer no Filler.

7. Any shows lined up in Chicago for the near future?

We play Ball Hall on April 4th with Squish and Nones


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