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Summer’s Almost Here, and So Is The Happy Thoughts Debut LP (on Hozac)

21 May

Hozac says they received Eric & the Happy Thoughts’ (now just the Happy Thoughts) debut LP late last summer, but waited nearly a year to release it because it “seemed unfair to release it in the Fall or Winter months.”  It takes about 10 seconds of listening to the first taste of the LP, “One More Fish,” to see why this is a good move both from an aesthetic and marketing standpoint. “One More Fish,” as well as several other songs that can be heard on the band’s myspace page (“Indiana Girls” especially) are equally hi-hat heavy, sunshiny bubblegum gems that have the power to bring even the cynics back to that place and time where they were once naively happy.

The Happy Thoughts-One More Fish


Hozac Loves You

10 Jan

Top 5 Releases of 2010: #3 Radar Eyes-Shakes 7″

30 Dec

I love HoZac.  They consistently give me great Chicago bands to listen to and this 7″ from Radar Eyes is no exception.  Within the first 10 seconds of “Shakes,” I was sold, and the rest of the song didn’t disappoint; I might go as far as to say this is possibly the best song of the year.  It’s so good, in fact, that I was convinced for days that it must have been aped from some lost 80s hit.

The b-side, “Not You Again,” follows the same “so good it must be stolen” formula.  It’s refreshing to see a band relying so heavily on great songs rather than the old played out fuzz trick that makes it so hard to find a good Garage band these days.  When I saw these guys at SubT earlier in December the power of this refrain was was the highlight of the show.  It’s not quite as powerful on record, but few times it ever is.  The band has said they have an Ep coming out early 2011 on Rococo Records.  From what I’ve heard, I can’t wait.

Radar Eyes-Shakes