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New Rabble Rabble 7″ out May 23rd

11 May

Rabble Rabble used to be the band that showed up on just about every single good bill in Chicago.  Then they were the band that documented their trip to Austin, TX, giving us one SXSW vlog a day.  As if they weren’t already the hardest working band in Chicago (didn’t they just release a live LP in March?), now Rabble Rabble is finally going to be the band that takes over your record player.

During their tour of the east coast last summer, Rabble Rabble recorded two songs at Gimme That Sound Studios.  The resulting 7″ will be released on May 23rd at the Empty Bottle.

Now, I’ve never been overly impressed with Rabble Rabble’s recordings; I think they have much more to offer in a live setting. But the new 7″ from Chicago’s psych poster boys (and girl)  is a different story. The lead off track “Why Not?” gives listeners that same psychotic psychedelia they’ve come to know and love from Rabble Rabble, but this time in a more controlled environment.  “Why Not?” would feel right at home in any movie chase scene (think Duel on Acid).

The b-side, “Long Hook” sounds like a lost track from the Kinks’, Village Green Preservation Society, but on speed and a whole bunch more acid.  Though most of the song is sung through three-piece chants, the lead vocals even sound like Dave Davies on this one.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Rabble Rabble’s new 7″ at the Empty Bottle on May 23rd with Distractions and We Are Hex


A Wednesday’s Never Looked So Good

18 Apr

While usually 4/20 is a holiday that celebrates laziness (in a way), you need to get your ass out of your house for a great night of garage celebration.  First, get yourself over to Century Centre Cinemas for the screening of Scion’s  New Garage Explosion: In Love with These Times. You do need to RSVP for free entry, but entry is not guaranteed with RSVP.  Get there early to ensure a seat.

4/20/11 7pm-9pm
Century Centre Cinema
2828 N. Clark St.
Century Shopping Center
Chicago, IL 60657

The show ends around 9, leaving you plenty of time to head over to Panchos to celebrate the release of Blood & Venom with White Mystery.  If you didn’t pick one of the select few copies available early for Record Store Day, I suggest picking one up at the show.  Also on the bill is Rabble Rabble and Slushy.

An evening with White Mystery, Hollows, Rabble Rabble, and Radar Eyes

19 Dec

If someone from Radar Eyes hadn’t climbed the spiral staircase during their opening set at Subt last night, someone would have.  And that pretty much sums up the atmosphere at last night’s Beats and Blogs featuring 4 of Chicago’s favorite local groups.  There was something in the air, and it wasn’t just the balloons and the candy canes.  The cramped Subterranean crowd felt it as well as the 4 participating bands.

Radar Eyes opened the show around 10.  They’re brand of fast-paced, noisy garage placed them somewhere with Lou Reed and Ian Curtis.  Guitarist/vocalist, Anthony Cozzi, set the standard for the night when he spontaneously smashed his guitar to end their set.

Up next was Rabble Rabble.  Often synonymous with that name is psychedelic, noisy, or even DIY punk.  But judging by the amount of head banging I witnessed during their set (the title of their latest release is Bangover) and bass player Matt Ciarleglio, who looked like an extra in River’s Edge, there’s an elephant no one’s really talking about.  Yes, Rabble Rabble is a noisy psychedelic band, and a very good one at that, but they absolutely seem like a band with metal leanings.  Rabble Rabble wasted no time continuing where Cozzi left off.

Hollows got up on stage around 12.  I’ve seen them 6 times in the last few months, so I knew just what to expect: organ-heavy, 60’s girl group pop.  Ignoring all but 3 songs off their debut LP on Addenda records, the girls mostly played unreleased songs.  The crowd was treated to 2 songs which they claimed were written earlier in the week, one song was introduced as being “about the beach,” and one called, “V is for Vulture.”  Hollows didn’t waste any needless time talking to the crowd.  I heard someone next to me scream into his friend’s ear, “I love how they don’t say shit to the crowd.  It’s just, here’s our pop songs.  Eat them up!”  We did just that.

White Mystery finished the night off closing their set just before 2 a.m.  They are a guitar/drums duo with the last name White…sounds familiar.  Naturally, I’m a bit skeptical of their claim to be brother and sister.  To add to the obvious comparisons, Alex White’s fuzzed out riffs when she wasn’t singing were reminiscent of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.  While she may not be quite as gifted on the guitar as Auerbach or Jack White, Alex White has more personality than the two combined.  She hopped through the entire set and even spent a moment or two on the dance floor with the crowd. Something else White Mystery has that the White Stripes and Black Keys don’t is their own person brand of underwear, which were on sale upstairs.

Brother Francis must be feeling pretty sore this morning after his animalistic affair with his tom-tom.